8 Closers Who Could Save You in a Pinch

In baseball, one of the most important things to have is a talented closer. When the game's on the line, and you need someone to step on the mound and get an out when it matter most, your closer has to be there ready to deliver. You can always count on these hurlers to get the job done. 

8. Brad Hand

Hand was once one of the Padres starters, but he moved to the bullpen in 2016 after a few mediocre seasons. Since then, he's never had an ERA over 2.92. The Padres can definitely count on him to be their right hand man in a pinch. 

7. Corey Knebel

When the Brewers found themselves in need of a new closer, Knebel stepped up and delivered in tough situations last season. With 39 saves on the year and a 1.78 ERA, his clutch gene could not have been questioned. He's injured this year, and there's no set timetable for him to return, but he's still a guy who comes up big when it matters. 

6. Ken Giles

After a rough season in 2016, Giles bounced back and played a pivotal role in the Astros epic World Series win last season. As Houston gets ready to work towards a repeat in 2018, Giles will once again be called upon to deliver when the team needs him most. 

5. Raisel Iglesias

Iglesias only recently made his transition to the bullpen, and even more recently started seeing opportunities late in the game. Since his move, he's been incredibly reliable, with 34 career saves and a 2.51 ERA over the past two seasons. If the Reds need an out in a tough situation, Iglesias can answer the call. 

4. Aroldis Chapman

Chapman has the strongest arm in baseball, and he makes opposing batters pay with it. In his eight-year career, Chapman has only ever had an ERA above 3.00 in two seasons, and has 204 saves throughout his time in the league heading into this season. With a fastball over 100 mph, he can fan as many batters as you need. 

3. Wade Davis

Wade Davis spent last season anchoring the Cubs bullpen, but will now replace Greg Holland as the closer in Colorado. He's had an impeccable ERA since 2014, never crossing 2.30, and has racked up 79 saves in his career. When you need someone to shut things down, Davis is your guy. 

2. Kenley Jansen

Jansen has been one of the best closers in the league for the past eight seasons. He has never had an ERA above 2.85 in his career. He's had at least 28 saves in five straight seasons, including three seasons with 41 or more. It's hard to argue that there's someone more clutch than him in the league right now. 

1. Craig Kimbrel

The only closer that you can argue is as reliable as Jansen is Craig Kimbrel, who has been a save machine since 2011. Kimbrel has had at least 31 saves every year since then, including four seasons with 42 or more and one season with 50. His rough 2016 season gave him a 3.40 ERA, but other than that, he's never had a year with worse than a 2.58. This dude can get you out of anything.