​The recruiting process for high school athletes can be as fun as it is daunting. All of these coaches trying to convince you that their school is the right one for you, telling you everything you want to hear.

One top recruit is fed up with the nonsense.

5-Star high school prospect Kayvon Thibodeux took to Twitter to rant a little about how he really feels about the recruiting process. 

​​Kayvon is just saying what we've all been thinking. You know you see it all over that X school is "the #1 ranked campus in the nation!" and Z University has "the #1 ranked crosswalks!" They'll do anything to claim that No. 1 title. It's like stating you have the World's Best Coffee.

Thibodeux, a defensive linemen, put on a show during his junior season, recording 99 tackles and 20 sacks. This is why he's garnering so much attention and college coaches are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him.

​​Maybe Thibodeaux's rant will get college recruiters to start being a little more real.