​If you commit abuse or domestic violence, then you deserve to have your name tied to those accusations for the rest of your life. 

​Danry Vasquez is first and foremost an abuser, but he was also a former Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros prospect. Vasquez was rightfully released by the Astros, then subsequently the Lancaster Barnstormers in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball once video of his horrific act surfaced.

Now, two current Houston Astro aces have spoken up about the incident on Twitter. Justin Verlander and Lance McCullers Jr. put this kid on blast. 

Fantastic use of emoji by Justin Verlander. Simple and gets the job done. 

McCullers opted to comment on the issue as well, but focused on the overall issue of domestic abuse and violence, putting forth an eloquent, longer statement.

​​It's a good point to acknowledge that domestic abuse needs to be fought against wholeheartedly, whether or not its accompanied by video evidence.

Unfortunately, the case was dismissed and Vasquez and his now fiance vehemently ​suggest that all is OK.

Spoiler alert: it's not "OK" and it never will be.