​Some people need a serious slap in the face from reality, and some people simply deserve to be in jail. 

It's a lesson we were all taught when we were children and it's a pretty simple one to understand: KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF. Never hit a woman. Don't commit crimes.

Apparently former Houston Astros prospect Danry Vasquez thinks he's above that simple rule, because security camera footage leaked Wednesday of a 2016 incident that featured him ​beating his girlfriend in a stairwell and dragging her by her hair. It was purely disgusting. He was rightfully arrested and charged with assault, yet saw the case dismissed.

Well, following the release of the video, the now-unemployed baseball player debuted his new Twitter account, and it is as cowardly and pathetic as you would expect it to be. 

Normally, I would not advocate for an Internet roast, but in this case, let the roast flames be seen by any would-be abuser who thinks they are above the law like this mediocre ball player. 

And yes, the Tweets that follow are all equally strange. Nothing but a few missives meant to show that hey, Vasquez and his girlfriend (now fiance) are just fine, despite the video evidence you've seen that proves that he (and their relationship) are not OK.



After the Houston Astros released Vasquez​​, he was signed to the Pennsylvania-based Lancaster Barnstormers. Once the video of the abuse surfaced, the team cut Vasquez immediately. 

Hopefully his lack of employment will teach him a lesson, but this Twitter account that he just created gives me doubts.