​Malcolm Butler has had quite the erratic career so far.

After saving the Super Bowl for the Patriots in his rookie season and making the Pro Bowl the following season, Butler's 2017 season was a regression from his previous years. That regression ​culminated in a peculiar Super Bowl benching that still leaves many scratching their heads.

Now, Butler has finally opened up about that scenario.

Butler proposed a myriad of reasons to explain his benching, confirming reports that he was sick throughout the week and was left out of the initial gameplan as a result. Butler even admitted that he "wasn't as locked in as [he] should be" entering the game. 

However, Butler's statement shows a maturity that will help Titans fans rest easy. Rather than trash-talking his former coach, Butler had nothing but praise for Bill Belichick.

Butler will begin a new chapter in his NFL journey this year after ​signing a five-year, $61 million deal with the Tennessee Titans.

While the Titans are a long shot to reach the Super Bowl, with that type of contract expect him to be on the field if Tennessee finds themselves that deep in the postseason.