The Chicago Bears, not content to let others have all the fun on the NFL's ​offseason market, have clearly told the Cleveland Browns to hold their beer this week. 

We've already seen Matt Nagy's team add the likes of ​Allen Robinson and ​Trey Burton on the offensive side of the ball, and they've now added a quarterback behind Mitchell Trubisky.

​​Chase Daniel may be 31 years old, but the mileage he wears is of a signal-caller much younger-- he's thrown just 78 passes since being drafted out of Missouri in 2009. He has some ability to escape the pocket and make plays on the move, but it's hard to see this as anything but an insurance play for the Bears, who are all-in on Trubisky as the face of their franchise. He's also a great mentor, who has learned behind the likes of Drew Brees. 

The fact the Bears can void the deal after one season is compelling proof that Daniel could find himself looking for yet another team -- the Bears would be the fifth different franchise he's played for -- before too long. 

But for now, getting $7 million guaranteed is reason enough to declare victory if you're a career backup on the wrong side of 30.