Former Eagles tight end Trey Burton took the mound at the start of a Phillies exhibition game to spread a little good karma the Phillies way ahead of their 2018 MLB campaign.

Instead of executing the customary pitch to the mound before the contest, Burton elected to reenact a play that will live in infamy in Philadelphia. 

Of course, we know that to be, the Philly Special.

​​Burton is two for two. While Trey recently agreed to a deal with the Bears, he'll always hold a special place in Eagles fans' hearts.

Hopefully some of that Eagles magic does indeed rub off on the Phillies because they do need it. The team hasn't been to the postseason in six years and counting. 

In 2017, Philadelphia ended the season 31 games out of first place in the NL East, which is the farthest out of first they've finished since 1997.

​The city is really looking for things to turn around with the Phillies, and it may just take some magic and couple small miracles in order to get these guys back competing at the top of the division.

Taking a page out of the Eagles book may not be a bad idea.