Every single year there are going to be some huge signings. Then there are going to be those signings that make you say "really"? 

One this offseason had to be the Cardinals' decision to add Sam Bradford. It's not the fact that they signed the veteran quarterback. It's the price tag assigned to this deal, as he was offered $20 million for just one season. 

If you're confused about how that man continues to cash exorbitant checks, you're not alone. Eric Weddle is in the same boat. 

The Ravens safety blasted the Cardinals QB decision, saying no one has been paid more for doing less in the history of the NFL. 

It's harsh to call out another NFL player, but is the man wrong?

Bradford was expected to be one of the most overpaid free agents this offseason, but $20 million for one season is kind of insane. He had one great game to start off the season against the Saints and followed it up by throwing just 11 passes in game two before he missed the remainder of the season. 

Is that one performance enough to deem him worthy of that kind of money? 

​​That's exactly right. Bradford is on the wrong side of 30. Imagine if a player at a different position played two games and then demanded $20 million. That wouldn't happen at any other position. 

It's not just this season where Bradford has gotten more than he deserves. The man has made an insane amount of money throughout his career despite not really doing anything impressive. 

​​Seriously, what has Bradford done? He hasn't won a single playoff game or any big game in his career. Are we really saying someone whose biggest claim to fame is an Offensive Rookie of the Year award is worth $134 million? 

You can even compare it to the wins he's racked up over his career. If you're looking for a W with Bradford behind center, that victory is going to cost you a pretty penny.

​​Weddle is right. The man simply just doesn't deserve the kind of paychecks he gets each and every season.