​The Houston Astros made their visit to the White House on Monday to celebrate their World Series title, and there was one ​noticeable member of the team not present.

That was All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa, who isn't the only star athlete in recent months to skip the White House visit.  There have been plenty of reasons why players didn't want to attend, mainly because of their dislike for the President, but that is not the case with Correa.

The 23-year-old superstar was taking advantage of the off day and was gathering supplies and providing aide for his native Puerto Rico, who is still feeling the effects of ​Hurricane Maria that hit back in September and into October.

"It was not politics or anything," Correa said. "It was just that the day off was perfect to be able to provide some help for the people in Puerto Rico in need.

"I don't only represent the Houston Astros, I don't only represent my family, but I also represent the American citizens that are living in Puerto Rico. I just want to bring some awareness to what is going on."

​​Correa's decision had nothing to do with politics, and instead it was about helping people from his native country who are still suffering and trying to get back on their feet.