After missing out on  Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum, the Arizona Cardinals are left to settle for the leftovers. That dropoff is significant, but they've found a starter nonetheless in Sam Bradford. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter broke the news that the Cardinals will sign Bradford. 

Compared to the likes of Derrick Rose, Bradford came into the NFL with all the talent but injuries have been a major problem. Bradford has played a full 16-game season just twice in eight years but still continually is considered as a starter by many NFL teams.

He's also being paid like one too. 

So that's $20 million for a guy with a degenerative knee condition. Wow. 

When healthy, Bradford has shown flashes. He threw for 20 touchdowns in 2016, leading the Minnesota Vikings to a 7-8 record in 15 starts. 

At this point in his career, you know what you get with Bradford. It's an average to an above-average quarterback when healthy. For the Cardinals' sake, he'll be surrounded by weapons in David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald at the very least. 

By no means do the Cardinals expect Bradford to be the long-term answer, but he's a bridge quarterback. Whether it's drafting a rookie quarterback this year or in 2019, Bradford serves as the band-aid to hold together everything under center. 

We'll see if those knees can hold up in Arizona this year.