​When you're LeBron James, it seems like nothing can go wrong. 

Although the King has too many great moments to even keep count, he's also had some memorable travels. However, James never actually gets called for these violations because he's the NBA's top talent. 

Out of all his ridiculous travels that have gone unnoticed, James may have had his worst one against the Lakers on Sunday. 

Due to his insane no-look pass sending fans into a frenzy, everyone forgot that LeBron legitimately started walking with the basketball. Seriously, how did this go unnoticed!

I'm not sure if LeBron thinks he's on a runway, but he clearly took a page out of Russell Westbrook's book.

To think that the officiating crew didn't see him take a stroll with the ball would be absurd. However, maybe the Lakers wanted the refs to take it easy on James. After all, they need to make sure that they keep themselves in the conversations for his services. 

While some fans find this hilarious, which it truly is, there are many people frustrated with constant issues like this occurring.

Hopefully the next time we see LeBron James traveling, it's to his next team in free agency.