​From the NBA's favorite underdog to locker room cancer, Isaiah Thomas has gone through a rollercoaster of emotions over the past two seasons. 

Whether he's ​throwing shade at the Cavaliers, getting into scrums with Rajon Rondo, or trying to manipulate a locker room, Thomas has had a ton of terrible moments this year. However, his latest stunt proves he's heavily disliked league-wide. 

Despite IT finding himself a home in Los Angeles, he still had beef with his former team when they played Cleveland on Sunday. Instead of just proving that he can ball on the court, Kyle Kuzma said Thomas kept "barking" at the Cavs bench throughout the game every time he scored.

​​Cmon man, you seriously couldn't just let it go?

Perhaps if Thomas wasn't so hung up over the Celtics trading him in the summer then none of this would have happened. He had the chance to shine alongside LeBron James, but he was more focused on calling out Kevin Love and thinking he was a leader on a team he just got to.

Even after IT burned the Cavaliers with an impressive showing, he reverted back to his ways of playing the underdog role. I think it's safe to assume that playing the victim is no longer available for Thomas. 

He's undoubtedly talented and explosive, but Isaiah Thomas has shown time and time again that he's one of the most annoying and disliked players in professional sports.