​Adam Gotsis was drafted out of Georgia Tech in 2016 by the Broncos, but just because he's no longer in Georgia doesn't mean he's done facing the brunt of his past actions.

Gotsis was arrested for alleged strong-arm rape on March 7, stemming from a 2013 incident in Atlanta reported by a now 30-year-old woman on Feb. 1.

Gotsis was released after posting $50,000 bond.

The rape allegedly occurred five years ago when Gotsis was a sophomore with the Yellow Jackets.

There's no ignoring the black mark the league has suffered from for the past several years due to an outcropping of disturbing domestic violence incidents, and it will be hard for fans to move past this absolutely disgusting charge, too. 

​​Gotsis started in 13 games for the Broncos last season and was expected to be a ​productive member of the team next season. 

While the NFL has been fairly relaxed with its punishment of players in similar cases (to its detriment), ​Aldon Smith was recently released by the Raiders amid reports of domestic violence (in addition to his numerous other offenses), so Gotsis may rightfully find himself released from the Broncos before the season begins on that precedent.

While it's unclear at this point if charges will be filed, the Broncos' statement on the matter takes a stand, claiming, “The Broncos take an accusation of this nature very seriously and will continue to closely monitor the legal proceedings. This issue was promptly reported to the NFL as soon as we learned of it, and we will remain in communication with the league office regarding this matter.”

Let's see if it moves the needle with regards to their discipline. Clearly, Denver either didn't do their homework or ignored the warning signs several years ago.