​The frequency of stories like this isn't a positive sign for the New England Patriots. 

It sounded like ​Tom Brady had a lot of football left in him just a month ago, but losing ​the Super Bowl takes a toll on you, especially when it's your third loss. Could Brady be closer to the end than we expected? 

It sounds that way, which means he totally screwed over the Patriots. 

Ryan Hannable of WEEI wrote about the ending of Tom vs. Time, a web series about Brady and how he's handled aging. The end of the series was particularly interesting, because Brady said he'd call it quits when he lost his conviction for the game. 

That makes this quote from his wife Gisele Bundchen all the more damning. 

Brady clearly felt under-appreciated at points last year, and he didn't even come away with a Super Bowl to show for the struggle. He's running out of things to prove, and you have to wonder what he'll be playing for when the annoyances outweigh the successes. 

So why did he screw over the Pats? They just traded away Jimmy Garoppolo for pennies on the dollar! Garoppolo looks like a future Pro Bowler with the 49ers, and the Pats only managed a second round pick for him. 

Trading Garoppolo was only the plan because Brady made it seem like he had four or five years left in him. If that isn't case, he'll leave this franchise far worse than he found it, which isn't acceptable.