​Well, it appears like we can officially narrow potential teams that Kirk Cousins will sign with down to two. 


Because in his goodbye post to Washington Redskins fans, he tagged two extra teams at the bottom: the New York Jets and ​Minnesota Vikings. 

Why go out of your way to do that, guys? Just...why?

​​There was a report about a week or so ago that Cousins had narrowed his choice down to the Jets and Vikings. 

But a report from a source is obviously not as groundbreaking as Cousins, with complete control over the editorial peculiarities of the piece he was about to release, pretty much hinting at it himself. 

​​When Cousins does decide where he will sign, we'll find out a lot about him.​ If he's strictly looking for the most money, he will most likely ink a deal with the Jets, of course.

But, if he's looking for a solid payday, but more importantly a team with a talented roster, he will sign with the Vikings. 

Unless he's trolling, Cousins will be wearing purple and gold, or green and white next year. We should find out soon.