At the age of 40, Tom Brady still doesn't seem to be slowing down. After a season filled with plenty of drama and disappointments, the 18-year vet is primed to play another three to four years in the NFL, so he says. 

It really is a matchup pitting Tom versus time-- the exact same name as Brady's web series that debuted this offseason on Facebook.

In the final Tom vs Time episode, we finally got a look at Brady's hand injury before the AFC Championship Game that stirred up plenty of buzz and controversy. Brady reportedly sliced it in a collision with running back Rex Burkhead. And the injury looks as bad as it sounded. 

There were no exaggerations:

Yep, that's deep gash.

The greatest quarterback of all time still went out and threw for 290 yards and two touchdowns in the Patriots' 24-20 comeback win over the Jaguars. You won't find many other signal callers who can do that, especially with a cut like that on their throwing hand. 

Brady has been the NFL's "pretty boy," but he's also taken his fair share of shots. Entering the latter portion of his career has been quite the challenge for him physically.

Even though Gisele Bundchen has been open about her husband's eventual retirement, she understands his will to play and supports him through it.

Who really knows how much longer Brady has left to play? At any rate, it's something we shouldn't take for granted. It's unlikely we'll ever see a quarterback of this caliber take the field again for a very long time.