​For the next several years, we'll always have to play the same game every time another championship team joins the White House for a celebratory visit.

If someone skips out, is the slight intentional? Implicit? Or just one of those things?

​This time around, ​Jose Altuve showed up, sure, but he didn't leave much doubt as to his personal feelings and the message he wanted to convey to those in charge, non-verbally.

Check out Altuve amid the cheering Astros here. You might recognize him as the one with his hands at his sides.

And then, again, when Trump's touting his accomplishments, Altuve--inches away, mind you--hit us with one of these.

​​Just totally vacant in the eyes. No love there, it would seem.

Certainly, these reactions aren't going to be totally foreign in the years to come, but this is definitely the first time we've seen an athlete ​attend the ceremony and still manage to slight Trump so blatantly and publicly.

And he did it over and over again. Mike Pence is going to have to change the ol' Twitter password later before we all get access to some unfiltered gems.