​Baseball in Washington D.C. has had incredible highs and lows in recent years. The team had finally gone from cellar dwellers to pennant contenders. 

Oddly enough, the Nationals are on their fourth manager since the successful stretch started in 2012. Why? Well, the team has done so well in the regular season only to fall flat on their faces in the postseason. 

This season is also crucial for the club because some players, like Bryce Harper, will be hitting the free-agent market after this season, and other key guys are getting older. 

So, new manager Dave Martinez has been finding ways to try and keep the atmosphere light in the Nation's Capital. 

​​Yes, practicing walk-off celebrations is definitely a way to keep the clubhouse at ease. Martinez probably stole this out of the Joe Maddon handbook because he's spend years on the mad scientist's staff with the ​Chicago Cubs and ​Tampa Bay Rays

Maybe this will finally help the Nats play deep into October?