​Everyone, the field is set. Let the madness begin!

While we're all undoubtedly THRILLED for the 2018 NCAA Tournament, we can't forget about how bad the new selection show was. TBS dropping the ball is an understatement, and viewers all over the country came out to voice their displeasure.

The selection committee somehow gets a pass on this. After making some terrible picks and snubbing worthy teams, the selection show's incompetence and lack of clarity will overshadow it all.

Our question is, why change it in the first place?

It only took a matter of minutes for viewers to give the thing an F-.

Literally, just two minutes.

Could the team reveals be any more confusing? Nobody was sure until the actual bracket dropped, and by then everyone was mentally exhausted.

Others just lashed out and didn't even bother trying to figure out who was in and who wasn't.

Forget the format of the show, they couldn't even keep the lights on!

That was the final straw.

In terms of bad/unpopular decisions, it looks like LeBron is finally off the hook.

Here's how the whole thing can be summed up:

If you're frustrated, please flood the NCAA with phone calls and messages, because local law enforcement will not have of it!