​The new selection show was clearly one of the worst things ever produced. I'm not sure why they destroyed something everybody loved, but they did, and now we're here. As we continue to wait for hope in this world, we at least know who will be competing in the NCAA Tournament this week.

We saw a fair share of snubs along the way as well. Arizona State, Syracuse and Oklahoma somehow got in but USC and St. Mary's did not.

WHAT is going on?!

I guess this FBI investigation is having some influence over the selections...

And Oklahoma wasn't one of the last four in.


Don't worry though, the controversy will end after 20 minutes when everyone frantically goes to fill out their "perfect" bracket pretending like they know exactly how March Madness will shake out in arguably one of the most unpredictable years we've ever seen.

Here's what it looks like!

Starting with the South region, where Virginia is your No. 1 seed (and top seed in the tourney):

Here's the East region, headlining Villanova:

The Kansas Jayhawks are leading the Midwest region:

Woof, that is a tough one.

And finally, the Xavier Musketeers are tops in the West region:

That's your field, with Arizona State, Syracuse, St. Bonaventure and UCLA participating in the play-in games.

Get ready for some MARCH MADNESS!!