​It looks like it truly was his last game as a Chicago Cub.

Free-agent starter Jake Arrieta is among the final stars on the open market looking for a new home during this painfully slow offseason, but we're nearing the finish line.

After earlier reports on Sunday suggested the Philadelphia Phillies were the favorite for the right-hander, news has now broke that the two sides have agreed to a deal.

Jon Heyman had the news earlier, but now we have more details.

It's reportedly a three-year deal.

Arrieta, a Scott Boras client, has been seeking a lucrative long-term contract, but many teams were hesitant given his age and slight decline over the past few seasons. He did win a Cy Young in 2015 and has been productive since, but the eye test clearly shows that Arrieta's velocity has gone down and his peak in 2015 was just that -- his peak.

Despite that, he's still certainly worth big money because he's one of the best pitchers in the game. But now with teams hesitant to dish out those 10-year deals that were famous just five or so years ago, the whole ordeal created a rift in free agency.

Yet here we are, and Arrieta is jumping ship to the City of Brotherly love.

We can't say it's an upgrade for the star pitcher, but man, what a year it's been for Philly.

I guess now we'll have to listen to all those fans talk about the Phillies now, too.