Let's just state the obvious: Jimmy Garoppolo is on fire right now. 

The 26-year-old gunslinger is the face of the San Francisco 49ers franchise, is set to earn a whopping  $137.5 million over five years and also has two Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots.

If he were never to win another game for the rest of his career, he'd at least be one hell of an accomplished individual. We don't expect Jimmy G to suddenly face that kind of misfortune because, honestly, the man is a winner.

A perfect example of that is a rumor that the star quarterback is reportedly dating a Boston-based model named Alexandra King.

It's true that winners win both on and off the field, and King posted the following picture on her Instagram with the caption, "My Valentine" about three weeks ago on February 14.

Before the California girls weep that Garoppolo is off the market, there has been no follow-up of them both since that post. It's not clear what their situation is, but at least we can speculate that the man is having a great offseason at the very least.

According to Sports Gossip (h/t James Lumalu from Busted Coverage), a tipster has indicated that the two have been dating since he was a member of the Patriots. 

Watch out Mr. and Mrs. Brady, the NFL could have a new power couple on the horizon if they decide to go public.