It was a tough goodbye for Seattle Seahawks fans with perennial All-Pro and Super Bowl Champion corner Richard Sherman released and then signed by rival San Francisco 49ers in less than 48 hours.

It was also a bittersweet goodbye for No. 25, who took to his Instagram to thank the organization for the past seven years of his career. 

"All I have ever wanted to be was a good teammate. Thank you @Seahawks for an amazing opportunity."

There's undoubtedly a respect for Sherman around the league, and fellow future Canton member Tom Brady took his time to express his appreciation for the former Seahawk, commenting on the post, "Incredible player, and they were lucky to have you!"  

Of course, fans took the opportunity to engage with the exchange and stir up TB12 in the process. Or at least try to.

If you're going to exaggerate, at least try and make it relevant. 

There has been a supposed "beef" between Brady and Sherman since that infamous 2012 game where Brady threw a game-clinching interception that spurned the "U Mad, Bro?!" movement. He may not have forgotten about it.

There is an obvious respect between the two, and we look forward to the next time these two cpmetitiors face off.