There are some high schoolers who walk around the halls like grown men amongst boys. Most of the time, those early bloomers are recruited by coaches to dominate in varsity sports before getting a crack at the collegiate level. 

Imagine being a normal 17-year-old and having to play against a guy the size of LeBron James or Shaquille O'Neal?

The advantage is exactly what you'd expect: an unfair and complete mismatch. Mike White of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette captured what that looks like when city league champions Allderdice knocked off Mt. Lebanon in the Pittsburgh PIAA playoffs on Saturday.

The powerhouse in the photo is 6-5 center Shaun Morris, who scored 13 points in the team's win while doing some bicep curls in the process. Unfortunately for No. 10, he was at the expense of a photo that doesn't give any context whatsoever. 

Maybe he was injured and being helped up on that particular play? Or maybe Morris was in fact just inflicting his will. Regardless, it's not the most flattering shot, and we hope his classmates don't burn him for it.

Most of us less-than-average athletes can sympathize, though. Had I been in the game, there's no way I would be stepping in the paint or in the path of that big man.  

We can at least give No. 10 some credit there.