​Technical fouls are often warranted in the NBA, especially given how players are treating referees of late.

Dwyane Wade is a future Hall of Famer, and he is by no means trying to get caught up in the wrong crowd at this point in his career. Kelly Oubre is that wrong crowd, and D-Wade clearly pissed him off.

The only problem? We can't really tell why. After Oubre draws a foul on the Heat legend, Wade pokes his hair. As ridiculous as this sounds, Oubre took offense to it.

You can't come to the gym with hair game like that and expect not to be noticed. But touching the flo might be too far. Oubre doesn't want Wade to mess up that product, and Wade was caught with his hand in the...jar of gel?

The two would finish the game, which Miami won handily. This, thankfully, was the only hair incident we have to report.