​It seems like almost every team in the MLB is having a ​blast during Spring Training, yet the Chicago Cubs are mastering the art of jokes. 

Even though​ they're not putting bounce houses in Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer's parking spots today, they have completely changed their players' last names for some reason. 

This sounds absolutely insane, but that's what the Cubs are doing for Saturday's matchup with the White Sox.

For Saturday's game, it will be a 'Split Squad Pro Day,' which means players, such as Kris Bryant, will now be called 'Proant.'

​​Out of all these hilarious names on the lineup, it's hard to find one funnier than Ben Probrist. 

If some of these names seem bizarre and confusing, well, Cubs beat writer Carrie Muskat actually translated each 'Pro Day' name for the fans.

We'll see today if Joe 'Proddon' can manage his team to success today, despite the hilarious lineup changes.