He literally cannot help himself.

Grayson Allen, one of the preeminent lowlifes in all of amateur sports, went and did a Grayson Allen thing again. Proving that no punk can truly stoop too low, he took time out of his day to perform a ridiculous takedown of North Carolina freshman Garrison Brooks tonight at the ACC Tournament in Brooklyn.

​​What on earth does this have to do with basketball? The answer is nothing, which is exactly what Grayson Allen is to anyone but the worst, most deluded Duke apologist.

Somewhere out there, even Christian Laettner is watching this game and going, "damn."

If the gods are indeed just, the Heels will curb-stomp the Blue Devils into next week. But Allen's continued participation in organized basketball games is proof-positive that we live in an inane, inherently chaotic world devoid of any real meaning. That doesn't mean that we can't join together as Americans and root for a massive Duke defeat, however.

Yeah. That'd be really, really nice.