Everyone in New York, brace yourselves.

It's time for the ​​OBJ haters​ to come out in droves over his latest controversy, and this video will put the ​infamous yacht picture to shame.

Odell has struggled with his public image since coming into the league. His talent is unmatched in many respects, but that doesn't save him from the media. And this video won't do him any favors whatsoever:

This may be the most damning three seconds ever recorded. The hard part is deciding where to start when describing the problems here.

Problem No. 1 is the blunt. Everyone may be getting more relaxed with weed (other than ​Stephen A. Smith), but it doesn't mean the NFL is okay with clips like these getting out.

Problem No. 2 is with the NFL's track record regarding their players and women. Maybe it was innocent, but it doesn't sound good having Beckham suggest this girl should have sex with his friend. Period.

And problem No. 3 is the most serious. What is on tray Odell?

Yikes. Now there's a real problem. Go ahead and ask the ​Dolphins if it's good to have a suspicious white substance cut up into lines in a leaked video.

My guess is that Beckham will be answering more difficult questions this time around than when he hit himself in the face with a kicking net.