The Cleveland Browns strike again!! The team isn't just trying to make a splash this offseason, they are attempting for a seismic earthquake. 

After acquiring 2017's receptions leader and stud wideout Jarvis Landry for practically nothing in exchange, they now secured a bridge to their franchise quarterback as well.

Honestly, not even the best insider's or analysts in the world saw this one coming.

The fact that the Browns continue to make these moves and are only surrendering mid-round picks is just incredible, and a testament to how they are out leveraging teams like the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, who need to clear cap space to make significant roster moves to stay competitive for 2018.

It was long in the works that Taylor was done in Buffalo, especially after last season's mishandling of the veteran, but he'll now travel to Cleveland to take over the keys for a team that literally has a clean slate to work with.

Oh, and the team still has their No. 1 and No. 4 pick to work with in the upcoming draft this April.

Taylor, Josh Gordon and Landry? What a change to help the Browns go from laughing stock to potential contenders. We're only just getting started.