​Tyrann Mathieu has been a playmaker throughout his five-year career in the ​NFL. He has played all five seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.

There is no doubt that the one-time Pro Bowler and one-time All Pro can be a game changer for any team, but there are reports that he and the Cards may be parting ways. 

Only time will tell whether Mathieu is​ traded or cut, but one of his latest tweets suggests he may have a landing spot in mind. 


Mathieu liked a tweet by current Redskin DJ Swearinger, here is what that tweet said. 

Mathieu could have hit the like option just because he and Swearinger are friends. However, the tweet that Swearinger is responding to references the two players linking up in DC. Perhaps Mathieu is hinting that he isn't opposed to that idea?

Possibly. This will get interesting as the offseason moves on. Mathieu may be bringing his talents elsewhere, and Swearinger is welcoming his ex-teammate to the Redskins.