​The Joel Embiid-Hassan Whiteside rivalry was friendly...until now.

Petty instagram jabs can only go so far, but actions on the court speak volumes. Whiteside pretty clearly took it too far, at least in Embiid's interpretation of events. 

Joel has a history of back problems, and this move from Whiteside was not appreciated by the big man out of Kansas.

Whiteside appears to take a jab at Embiid's back, which while in jest could have been dangerous.

Embiid didn't take kindly to this, and it resulted in several scuffles during Miami's eventual double-digit win over the 76ers in South Beach.

After the game, Embiid make his thoughts on the incident crystal clear, going as far as to call the move dirty.

Embiid doesn't have a short memory, and whether it's on social media, in his next interview, or on the court, we can take him at his word. Joel won't forget about this anytime soon, for better or worse.