​The one thing the Warriors can't afford this season is an injury to a key contributor, let alone one to Steph Curry.

While many believe the Rockets can give Golden State some competition in the West, the Warriors are still the clear favorites to make it back to the Finals at a minimum. 

Still, Curry's injury status of late has to concern Steve Kerr and co., especially after the former MVP twisted his ankle yet again on Thursday night.

That's four times too many for the Warriors' liking.

Curry has consistently had lower leg problems since he entered the league out of Davidson. For the most part it's something he's had to learn to play through (and may we just say we're impressed thus far). However, it also leaves Curry susceptible to missing significant time, should he fall awkwardly while fighting off defenders on a drive, which is exactly what occurred against the Spurs.

We can only hope this is a bump in the road for the Warriors sharpshooter.