​The Boston Celtics are having had a great season, and much of that has to do with their supporting cast around Kyrie Irving.

So, the last thing the team wants to see is a key player go down with an injury that would result in significant time being missed.

However, after this fall against the ​Timberwolves, C's fans will be concerned about Jaylen Brown. 


That's a terrifying fall and we hope that Brown is alright. 

Brown went down and stayed down with teammates and coaches at his side. Social media erupted with thoughts and prayers for him. 

This would be a big blow for the Celtics, who were thrilled with Brown taking the next stop in the wake of ​Gordon Hayward's injury at the beginning of the year. 

Brown is averaging 14.1 points-per game and 5.2 rebounds a game in 60 games for the C's this year.