​​Baker Mayfield took the college football scene by storm in 2017. He and his Oklahoma Sooners proved a lot of people wrong on their way to a College Football Playoff spot. 

The Sooners lost to Georgia, but the team had one of the most dominant offenses in the nation. This could be seen in Mayfield's 2017 season stats, which led him to the Heisman Trophy. 

So, when Mayfield probably thought he'd get some questions about his days at Oklahoma. One question he probably didn't think he would get? Why the Sooner offense is so dominant.



Yeah, that's a bit off, right? But the question is a solid one to ask. Maybe some teams just want to know what the secret formula is to bring that to their NFL teams. 

One team that may need that secret more than any team is the​ Browns, a team that Mayfield is apparently up to playing for. 

So, maybe Mayfield can slip some pages out of that Oklahoma playbook to bring to the NFL.