​Every spring training involves some players going through ​body transformations that are noticeable in nature.

Reporters often see this as an opportunity to give a nice tidbit of information about the team when news is slow.

You'd be wise to avoid making such observations with ​Michael Young patrolling social media.

​​Uh...not weird at all.


It's unclear at this point who spit in Michael Young's coffee this morning, but someone must have.

This seems like one of the more arbitrary things to get ​triggered over on the internet, but no ignorance is too insubstantial for Young to look the other way.

Maybe the clubhouse where players shower, hang out and see each other on a daily basis is a better place to know exactly what athletic shape a player is in. It's hard to argue with the concept.

But reporters are around the team plenty as well. And it can't be ignored that Evan Grant was nothing but nice when describing Jurkickson Profar's new body type.

We're just as confused as you are.