​Michael Crabtree might want to hold back on letting his chain dangle freely next season.

Though former Broncos cornerback ​Aqib Talib has been traded to the Rams, the Raiders will be hosting them in 2018. That's good news for football fans. Be prepared to see some trash talking, punches thrown, and perhaps some snatched chains at the L.A. Coliseum.

For those of you who don't know, the Talib-Crabtree beef goes back to New Year's Day 2017, when Talib snatched ​Crabtree's chain straight off his neck after some back-and-forth jabs. 

He did it once again in November, with both players exchanging punches after Talib snatched the chain once again on the field.

Both players are going to want to prep themselves for their next meeting, so they may as well start now. 

And for God's sake, Crabtree, leave your chain in your locker against the Rams.