​The Rams have been ​anything but quiet leading up to free agency and the draft in April.

Most moves have been made on the defensive side of the ball which took a step back last season from their glory in 2016.

After agreeing to a ​trade for corner Aqib Talib Thursday night the Rams had to make changes on their current roster. In this case, ​Trumaine Johnson is on the way out.

The Rams secondary will look very different this season with Marcus Peters and Talib manning the field. 

Trumaine Johnson is by no means a bum, and will command a hefty contract of his own.

It makes all the sense in the world for the Rams to make this move.


They will now get a compensatory pick for Johnson in the future. That's probably similar to the return on the trade market for Johnson right now.

As for Johnson, he can now decide where he goes. He will draw interest from several teams looking for secondary depth. 

Now the only question is where the Rams' new ceiling is as a team because it seems to be limitless with their new additions.