Do sports and politics mix well together? Well, lately it doesn't seem like politics mix well with anything. 

​Cleveland Indians pitcher ​Trevor Bauer took to Twitter recently, claiming the MLB has silenced him for speaking out about his political beliefs. 

Bauer has controversial views (depending on your opinion), and hasn't been shy about his political beliefs to the public, particularly on Twitter, where he openly debates people all the time. 

​​In his tweet, Bauer called out the MLB. He was present at a meeting along with other players, and they all were encouraged to take a stance and be leaders politically, according to Bauer. 

Bauer claims the MLB has tried to censor him from sharing what he believes in. He finds this to be very hypocritical. And you know what, if this is all true, he actually has a point. 

​​If the MLB wants players to speak about politics and be leaders, they shouldn't censor any players. That's the price the league would have to pay if this is what they want to happen. Athletes have major platforms. They all want to stand up for what they believe in. That's fine. 

Many would like to see sports and politics stay separate. Unfortunately, that really isn't an option in today's socially-driven world.