​The biggest rivalry in all of sports may be between the Auburn and​ Alabama football programs. The two teams have linked up for some memorable Iron Bowl games, including some insane walk off touchdowns. 

So, it would be expected that alumni from each school would take a lot of pride in the game and that they would be involved in some pretty wild bets. 

Well, that's exactly what the case was for Auburn alum, Charles Barkley, and current Alabama quarterback, Jalen Hurts. 


This is gold. Barkley would have had to wear some Alabama gear had the Crimson Tide beaten the Tigers. 

But, you have to give Hurts a lot of credit here and you can't say he isn't a man of his word after this. Walking around the ​Alabama campus with Auburn gear for anyone would be bad, so imagine if you are a member of the football team and being seen in Tigers colors. 

Maybe Hurts will get payback on Barkley when the Iron Bowl rolls around in 2018.