​The Tigers suffered an ​abysmal 2017 season in which they failed to win 70 games. 

Now Detroit is trying to pick up the pieces around the roster and ​bounce back this year competing with ​younger talent.

Nine-year vet ​Jordan Zimmermann may have just eliminated himself from discussion of being a part of ​Detroit's starting rotation. After another poor start following a tough season last year, Detroit needs to consider a change.

Five strikeouts is all well and good, but it only matters if you get the outs between the K's. 

It should also be noted Zimmermann isn't normally the king of strikeouts. He's far from it.

in 2017, Zimmermann struck out fewer batters than runs he let in. If you're keeping count at home, that's not ideal. 

Not only are his stats underwhelming, his contract is also eye-opening for his production since getting to Detroit.

$74 million over the next three years for Zimmermann's current skill level at his age could be spent in much better places, especially when you look around at the several needs on the Tigers' roster.

Zimmermann may have once been a reliable pitcher, but in Detroit's current state, it's time to let the kids play and look elsewhere for the final rotation spot.