Sports are fun, but there have been countless times across the board when fans have and players have had to be reminded that they are also a business, and money rules. 

The ​Los Angeles Chargers are introducing Premium Seat Licenses to their new stadium, or as they like to call them--Stadium Seat Licenses, and the decision is drawing criticism from Hall of Fame quarterback and former Charger,​ Dan Fouts

Fouts was featured on a radio show where he said, “PSLs are such a form of extortion it’s unbelievable, and yet they’re allowed. But that’s the way it is these days, and teams continue to sell out in a number of stadiums, obviously, around the country.”

PSL's are a one-time fee for the privilege of buying the season tickets associated with the seat. Fans don't have to buy them, but they do.

They just come as part of the price to attend the game, and some fans will do anything to be a part of the crowd. 

Don't expect Fouts to be purchasing one any time soon though.