​Welp, the Kansas City Royals ownership really screwed the pooch on this one. 

Back in January, the Royals and the ​San Diego Padres were the two teams that were in most serious pursuit of slugging first baseman ​Eric Hosmer

Hosmer wanted seven years, and that is what both teams offered him. The only issue was that the Royals needed approval from their ownership to go through with the proposal.

They didn't get it.

San Diego offered Hosmer $3 million dollars more than Kansas City would have for those seven years. The Royals wound up only offering Hosmer five years and $100 million. 

Of course, Hosmer opted for the Padres at $134 million over seven years, but the best part is that he can opt out after five years, which would still ensure him right around $100 million-- identical to the Royals offer. 

Now that he is with San Diego, he finds himself in a situation surrounded by young talent, including a fantastic prospect pipeline. And every minute he spends soaking up the sun and presumably eating impeccable Mexican cuisine, Royals fans will be left to wonder what coulda shoulda have been.