Tom Izzo is telling Michigan State fans to do something. Now let's see if they listen. 


The long-time Spartans coach is calling fans "crazy" who are panicking ahead of the NCAA tournament. Owners of a rather sterling 29-4 overall record, Michigan State really doesn't have a lot to worry about even though they lost to Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament. 


​"If fans are upset about four losses they're crazy, no insult intended," Izzo blunty explained. "It's crazy."


The Spartans recently lost by 11 to a Michigan team that they have been defeated by twice this season. However, Michigan State is in prime position heading into the tournament, even if ​the exact seeding of the team has been up for debate.

Michigan State is being led by Miles Bridges and his 16.9 points-per-game. At the same time, the team is strong in many defensive categories. T


At this point, it's all about Michigan State being as fresh as they can for a date in the tournament. They get a full week off to recuperate and prepare.