​If the NFL ever reaches the point where they want to completely redesign each team's logo, then they might want to take these ideas into consideration. 

While we've seen football logos​ transformed into professional wrestlers, these latest graphic designs made by Mark Crosby are absolutely astonishing. 

There's not one team that was left out from these makeovers, as each division received revamped helmets. 

​Just look at how sweet the Miami Dolphins helmet would look if it replicated the Miami Heat's 'Miami Vice' color scheme. Jets fans would also love the nod to an actual jet on their helmet. 

AFC East

​​When it comes to the AFC North, there is a ton of buzz over the retro uniforms displayed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but these redesigned logos take it to the next level. 

AFC North

Out of all these helmets, it might be the Baltimore Ravens getting the nicest design from the division. 

Shifting over to the AFC South, the Colts, Texans, Jaguars, and Titans all saw massive adjustments made to their logos. 

AFC South

As great as the alterations to the AFC logos are, the AFC West might have ended up with the best redesigns in the NFL. 

AFC West

It's hard to decide which team has the best helmet, as the Broncos return to their roots, the Chiefs add more color, the Chargers embrace the powder blue, and the Raiders add some Las Vegas spice. 

Moving over to the NFC these redesigned logos don't skip a beat at all. 

In an attempt to change the NFC East's old ways, these new helmets get rid of controversial logos in the process. 

NFC East

Wow! Talk about an improvement for the Washington Redskins, as this helmet looks amazing. The Giants, not so much. 

Considering the history of the NFC North, there weren't many differences in their new look, yet the subtle changes make a big difference.  

NFC North

If Cam Newton somehow gets a look at these redesigned logos he might petition for it to come into fruition. Actually the entire NFC South could vouch for these designs: 

NFC South

To wrap up these awesome new helmets, the NFC West embraces their outgoing colors and location, as the 49ers feature the Golden Gate Bridge and the Seahawks embrace the neon green. 

NFC West

Can the NFL possibly switch to these designs? 

Fantastic job all around, Mr. Crobsy!