​Now, now, fellas. Play nice. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

With Kristaps Porzingis now out for the season as he continues to rehab a torn ACL, Rockets guard Eric Gordon is unable to go at the unicorn on the basketball court.

So instead, it seems Gordon may have taken his onslaught against Porzingis off of it, and appears to be encroaching on the Latvian 7-footer's social media fling with model Jen Selter.

​​It seems Porzingis only has the advantage over Gordon in one area, and that's pure height. However, measuring in a 6-foot-4, Gordon is no shrimp either.

On top of that, he's healthy, his team is better, and now Gordon seems to be a live dog in the fight for Selter's attention.

It's not hard to imagine why they'd both be interested either.

Selter is certainly worth putting up a good fight for.

For now it seems, Porzingis has a bit of ground to make up.