This may go down in history as one of the funniest press conferences ever. 

For those who are unaware, ​Mike Piazza (yes, that one) has been the owner of third-division soccer club AC Reggiana since 2016. They were originally in Italy's top division (Serie A), but got relegated two decades ago. 

Now, the team has to pay rent to play in their stadium, which is actually owned by neighboring Sassuolo, and Piazza is just not having any of it. After his return from ​Mets Spring Training, he gave a heated press conference. 

The funniest piece of this is Piazza fuming and speaking with such anger, and then having to wait for his translator to calmly deliver the same message in Italian. 

Somebody get that man some more water! 

Also, make sure their are no baseball bats nearby. Oh, and is Roger Clemens in the room? No? Perfect.  This is a man who is absolutely fed up with how he has been treated and is just not having it anymore. 

I mean, he moved his family out there!