5 Bubble Teams That Will Get Screwed Over by the NCAA Tournament Committee

The college basketball world is already fed up with the NCAA Tournament committee, so it'll be hard for them to avoid any backlash on Selection Sunday. Although their job won't be easy, especially considering the amount of teams on the bubble, it seems almost certain that several teams will get snubbed. Barring any monumental upset victories, expect these five teams on the bubble to get screwed over on Sunday.

5. Louisville Cardinals

There isn't a team in the NCAA that has gone through more than the Louisville Cardinals. Despite all the drama surrounding past scandals they somehow managed to win 20 games. Unfortunately, their blown lead against Virginia will be their undoing. With a poor record against  Quadrant 1 teams, the Cardinals will find themselves on the outside of the tournament bracket.

4. Nebraska Cornhuskers

While the Cornhuskers have an impressive 22-10 record in the Big Ten, they only have one impressive victory on their resume against Michigan. After getting outclassed by the Wolverines in the conference tournament, the committee might have doubts about Nebraska. Considering their rival Penn State is sitting on the bubble despite defeating Ohio State THREE TIMES, it wouldn't be a shock to see the Nittany Lions get the nod over Nebraska.  

3. Marquette Golden Eagles

It'd be an absolute crime to see the duo of Markus Howard and Andrew Rowsey not in the field of 68, but Golden Eagles fans might have to face that reality. At 19-12, Marquette desperately needs to defeat Villanova tonight to close any doubts about their legitimacy. If not, their two bad losses against Saint John's and DePaul will cost them. 

2. Syracuse Orange

The fact that Syracuse is even on the bubble is a testament to the hardworking student-athletes at the university. Despite the lack of a bench, their starters have been able to consistently compete for 40 minutes each game. Not only have the Orange fought off fatigue, but they also lack an abundance of bad losses. If the committee can look past Syracuse's mediocre record against the elites of the NCAA, Jim Boeheim's squad might get their dancing shoes. However, don't expect the committee do to the Orange any favors, especially after they snubbed them last season. 

1. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Somehow, someway, the Oklahoma State Cowboys remain on the bubble. After owning Oklahoma all season long, earning an impressive win over Texas Tech, and defeating Kansas twice, the Cowboys are still rumored to be on the outside looking in. It's a sick world, so the NCAA committee might find it more appealing to give Trae Young and the Sooner an at-large bid instead considering the Cowboys were eliminated from the Big 12 Tournament.