​Fresh off of his first World Series win (and I say first because there will likely be more), Houston Astros shortstop ​Carlos Correa is getting set for another phenomenal year. 

Correa is the type of guy a team would never want to let go. 

Houston has recently renewed Correa's contract for a third-straight year, but not for as much money as most fans think he should be getting. 

Why, though?

Well, he is actually making a pretty smart move. 

Correa hits arbitration next year and if he continues to perform like the league's best shortstop should, he will have a pretty good argument for a record-breaking arbitration salary. 

His renewal is pushing right up against Kris Bryant's from last season, who just happened to set the ​arbitration record himself. 

Correa is going to be just 23-years-old this season, and he is already showing the wisdom of a 33-year-old. 

If he was to demand a long-term deal right now, he would likely lose out.