​The Chicago Bulls are clearly one of the worst teams in the NBA and they still somehow lead the the league in attendance.

Yes, you read that right. The abysmal Bulls who have been downright laughable at times are on pace to not only lead the league in attendance, but they could be doing it for a ninth straight season. 

The Bulls are the 12th seed in the Eastern Conference and are a whole 20 games below .500 at 22-42. They've even tried to ​tank their already bad season away at this point so they can look forward to the draft, but the league has ​taken issue with them on the matter.

They have some promising young talent, but as a whole, this team is a joke right now and this clip alone defines what this season has been for them: 

The Bulls have a lot of issues right now but one thing they've never seemed to struggle at is filling seats in the United Center.

The one question I have is how are teams like the Warriors, Rockets, Thunder, Raptors, Celtics or Cavs not beating out the Bulls in this category with the amount of talent and excitement that those squads provide?

I guess the ghost of Michael Jordan's former NBA playing self still lives on in Chicago and is enough to still have the fans coming back.