Oklahoma Sooner fans are anxiously awaiting the news about whether or not the team will make the NCAA tournament.


For the fans, stop waiting around so nervously. In fact, the NCAA would​ further sully its beaten-down reputation if it allows Oklahoma back in. 


What has happened to Oklahoma down the stretch of this season is just inexcusable. All the positives of the Trae Young era are going down the drain, and that's why the NCAA should punish them hard. 

Oklahoma has lost 10 of its last 14 games and ended the season on a 2-8 skid. The losses are piling up, particularly in crunch-time, and have muddled the overall record.


The latest meltdown, a 71-60 loss to Oklahoma State, represented a complete domination that's indicative of the ways things have gone lately. Not to mention, with Young experiencing shooting difficulties in middle of this descent, the ​natural questions of whether there was too much hype around him and this team are starting to be raised.    

 Another thing for the committee to consider as it ponders what should be an easy decision: whether the resume of Oklahoma speaks for itself or other facts should be considered. Young was quoted as saying, "Instead of us taking care of our business, we left it in the committee's hand." 


He's right, and that resume of ninth in the conference plus an 8-10 conference record should be all the argument needed to keep Oklahoma out of the tournament.